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Christopher Sheridan

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Software Engineering Executive | CTO

As an executive in the field of engineering and a Chief Technology Officer, I have proven my excellence by leading teams to deliver innovative and strategic solutions that exceed business targets. I am a key collaborator in defining product vision and technical specifications, resulting in the development of robust and scalable software that meets client requirements. I am an expert in providing technical mentorship and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative innovation. I am skilled at managing a diverse portfolio of projects and ensuring they are completed in adherence to strategic direction, timelines, and financial parameters.

Currently located in Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL. Open to on-site, hybrid & remote.



Apr 2022 | Aug 2023

Director of Engineering

Orchestrated transforming a monolithic trade settlement system into a distributed, near real-time services array, leading a team of 8 engineers towards modernization. Guided comprehensive load testing to validate the platform's capability to sustain Stripe's transactional volume.

May 2019 | Apr 2022

Director of Engineering, Digital Banking and Payments

Directed a global team across PHX, Florida, UK, and India in a software modernization initiative, culminating in successfully integrating with India's Real-Time Payments service to streamline payment processes.

Nov 2018 | May 2019

Fractional Vice President

Reengineered organizational structure from project to scrum teams, devised strategic OKRs and led a technical modernization strategy with a $30M budget, overseeing 230+ staff.

Mar 2016 | Nov 2018

Director of Engineering

Led a transformative initiative implementing CI/CD, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery practices for teams, and managed the Payment Exceptions team with a 20-person staff and a $2M budget.

Aug 2012 | Mar 2016

Director of DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Agile Transformation

Established a DevOps team to automate CI/CD processes, instituted an SRE team for metrics and dashboard automation, and transitioned the division from waterfall to agile methodologies, managing a 10-person staff and a $2M budget.

Jan 2011 | Jun 2012

Chief Technology Officer

Directed the product roadmap aligning with corporate vision and market needs and managed application development, database administration, and QA teams as CTO, specializing in mortgage processing automation during a financial crisis.


Spearheaded transformative organizational changes for companies from start-ups to Fortune 10 giants, driving progress and growth through technology.

Communicated leadership for high-performing engineering teams and fostered effective communication with stakeholders to unite around shared strategic thinking and vision, delivering exceptional customer experience.

Led teams responsible for annual payment volumes over $650B, ensuring efficient banking and money movement platform operation.



Engineering Management 

Global Product Development Product Management 

Enterprise Software Engineering 

Software Development People Management

Test Automation Agile Methodologies Technology Innovation

API & Cloud-Driven Architectures Microservices 

Team Leadership & Development

Continuous Improvement Fortune 100 

Complex Problem-Solving Key Business Goals Alignment

Cloud Technology Continuous Learner

 Cross-Functional Collaborations 

Technology Strategy Creation 

Continuous Learning Resilient Architectures 

Leadership Development Fostering Inclusivity


Meet Chris

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Master of Business Administration

University of Florida 


Bachelor of Science Business Administration

Decision & Information Sciences 



Prasad Kanvinde, Engineer Director, American Express

"I worked with Chris for 3 years and he is amazing! He is a visionary leader, an absolute expert in partnering with stakeholders, problem-solver and a true motivator for his teams to give their best."


Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

I have always had a passion for building things. I’ve also had an interest in business, including starting my own sportscard business at 14. Software engineering because a natural extension of those passions.

Who are your main influences?

My parents. I received my technical and analytical skills of my father who was an Air Force pilot and worked in the Pentagon. My leadership skills are an extension of my mother who started a non-profit to help children with learning disabilities.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I have been privileged to work with several great companies and even helped a few start-up or scale-up, but my greatest accomplishment is the people whose careers I have helped grow.

Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

“Do, or do not.  There is no try.” – Yoda
This has taught me to put my strongest efforts into everything I do in work and in life.

What are you passionate about?

I have always had a passion for technology and specifically on applying it for businesses to optimize operations or build a sustainable competitive advantage.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute to your success, and why?

I am a natural leader who enjoys painting a picture of success and guiding teams to that vision. I’ve learned how to have people be a part of that shared vision which is critical to making it happen.

What life circumstance has most shaped your world view?

My wife and I were told our son would not live long after birth. After several challenging moments early in his life, he is now 11 and thriving. This has helped me realize what’s important in life and how valuable time is.

If you were an action figure, what accessories would you be sold with?

As a Star Wars fan, I would have to say a lightsaber.


Interests & Hobbies

Interests & Hobbies
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